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步价 Flag fall(Taxi flag fall in Shenzhen will be lowered by the end of November.深圳将在11月底下调出租车起步价。) (2009-09-14)试验品 guinea pig(He was used as a guinea pig for the new drug.他被当作检验新药品效用的试验品。) (2009-09-11)分组讨论 panel discussion(State leaders joined panel discussions with the country's political advisors yesterday, calling for concerted efforts to pull through the global financial crisis, which is unfolding its impact on the country's economy.昨天,国家领导人与政协委员一同参加了政协会议的分组讨论,并呼吁大家齐心协力应对已经给中国经济造成影响的全球经济危机。) (2009-09-10)电视电影 made-for-television movie(A total of 28 Primetime Emmy Awards, especially those involving made-for-television movies and miniseries that were previously excluded from the live broadcast, will be presented live by CBS television during the Sept. 20 event, according to a report on the Dailynews website.《每日新闻》网站报道称,美国哥伦比亚电视台将于9月20日现场直播黄金时段节目艾美奖颁奖典礼。艾美奖所有28个奖项都将现场直播,其中还包括原本不在此列的电视电影奖和电视系列短剧奖。) (2009-09-09)局部模特 body parts model(Ashly Covington is the kind of top model earning 1,200 dollars in a day. As one of the few full-timebody parts models, Covington doesn't cook, doesn't clean and avoids anything that could ruin her manicure.阿什利•卡温顿就是一位高级“局部模特”,她每日进账达1200美元。作为少数的全职局部模特之一,卡温顿不下厨,不打扫卫生,不做任何可能会损毁指甲的事情。) (2009-09-08)居家隔离 home quarantine(Close contacts could observe home quarantine, and the range of close contacts was narrowed down, according to a notice on adjusting A(H1N1) flu prevention and control measures issued by the ministry Wednesday.根据(卫生)部周三下发的关于甲型H1N1流感防控策略调整的通知,(甲型H1N1流感的)密切接触者可以实施居家隔离,而且密切接触者的范围也将缩小。) (2009-09-07)合作演员 co-star (The 20-year-old actress - who plays a teenage rocker in 'Bandslam' - has revealed she and her co-stars practised before their scenes by using a Nintendo Wii interactive games console.这位在电影《乐团狂飙》中扮演摇滚少女的20岁女演员透露,她在开拍前曾经和她的合作演员用任天堂Wii互动游戏机一起演练过。) (2009-09-04)出场费 appearance fee(The British singer earns an enormous sum of money as he demands an appearance fee of £1000 for a single appearance. 这位英伦歌手收入不菲,他一次出场费就高达1000英镑。) (2009-09-03)阅兵式 military review(Starting early Saturday morning, the rehearsal featured a mass pageant involving nearly 200,000 citizens and 60 simulated floats, a gala by around 12,000 performers and a military review. 这次彩排从周六凌晨开始,内容包括有将近20万市民参加、动用了60辆模拟彩车的群众欢庆游行,有1.2万人参与演出的联欢活动以及阅兵式。) (2009-09-02)电信诈骗 e-crime (A crackdown on "e-crime" has revealed gangs are having the greatest success among older people and women, an official from the Ministry of Public Security said Monday. 周一,公安部通报打击电信诈骗犯罪专项行动阶段成果,其中显示受害者多为中老年人和女性。) (2009-09-01)跟团旅游 package tour (I'm going to join a package tour to Spain. 我要跟团去西班牙旅游。) (2009-08-31)万人迷 Mack Daddy (David Beckham is a Mack Daddy!My sister stares at the television screen every time he appears. 大卫•贝克汉姆是个万人迷。每次他出现在电视上,我妹妹都盯着屏幕不放。) (2009-08-28)春困 spring fever (Drinking tea is a good way to prevent spring fever.喝茶是预防春困的好办法。) (2009-08-27)相思虫病毒 Romance bug ,Lovelorn worm (Computer security experts have cautioned that an Internet worm called "Lovelorn" would target PC users Wednesday, the Qixi Festival or Chinese "Valentine's Day." 26日迎来我国"七夕"节,不过,反病毒专家提醒网民谨防"相思虫"的病毒捣乱。) (2009-08-26)配音演员 Voice actor (Talks are underway with the voice actors including Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy. 公司正在和配音演员们进行洽谈,其中包括卡梅伦•迪亚兹和埃迪•墨菲。) (2009-08-25)